A magazine for women who define success on their terms

A magazine for women who define success on their terms

Trix magazine combines the refined design of a glossy magazine with editorial that speaks to the intellectual curiosity, agency, and grit of women all over the world. Issue 1 traverses the U.K., Syria, Guinea Bissau, Mexico, India, the South Pacific, and the U.S., showcasing the stories of women shaping food sustainability, climate change, combat discrimination, and the future of cities. We delve into the science of endurance training, unravel the psychology of female competitiveness, and debunk common fertility myths. “He Said” takes us inside the rise of men’s circles, where emotions define modern masculinity. We cover travel, herstory, career, and culture through a female lens, from the art of traveling solo to closing the investment gap. Get your copy today.

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What does Trix mean?

Trix is a latin suffix that turns masculine words ending in -tor into feminine words. For example, editor becomes editrix.

A new kind of women’s magazine

Unlike other women’s magazines, which emphasize beauty, fashion, and self-help guides, Trix meets women where they’re at. Our stories are anti-perfectionist and pro-grit, elevating female voices, and celebrating strong role models all over the world who define success on their own terms. A quarterly print and digital publication, Trix explores global macro trends in science, politics, travel, health, career, finances, and culture from the lens of women facing and navigating uncharted lives together, every day.

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Check out samples of our debut issue, available now!

Freedom Fighters

From the battlefield to the ballot box, a generation of Guinea Bissau’s women shape the course of their country’s history.

Cruel Attentions

What research tells us about navigating toxic female competitiveness.

The Trix Files

Spotlighting women who move the world.

A Tale of Two Cities

As a woman’s role in society shifts, so will the diversity of urban design.

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It’s a magazine and a movement

Our mission is to elevate strong female voices and role models in the media.


The time it takes to lower self-esteem while reading a fashion and beauty magazine

of women are made insecure by images they see of women on television

of women choose greater aspirations in the aspects of life most important to them when exposed to strong female role models

of women report that when they see more women in leadership, they are encouraged they can get there themselves

Our editorial angle is grounded in research on gender bias in the media. Lack of equal representation and passive, over-sexualized poses of women reinforces negative stereotypes, lowers self-esteem particularly among adolescent girls, and imprints an image of disempowered women in our collective cultural consciousness. Trix is built upon research that indicates exposure to female leaders and strong role models can positively influence women’s personal and professional aspirations and increase confidence in their abilities. Women portrayed in strong, active poses can both diminish anxiety about sexual violence and positively influence pro-feminist attitudes. By illuminating the resilience, strength, and agency of women, Trix advances a world where their stories of success are the norm, not the exception.

“Trix is an uplifting inspiration for the young leaders of tomorrow. It fills an important hole in journalism today, with stories that introduce us to people and ideas that advance humanity.”

-Glenn Kramon, Senior NYTimes Editor and Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor

“Every generation has a magazine that expresses its essence. The giddy excesses of the 1980s were captured by a star-obsessed Vanity Fair, the dawning tech-age was chronicled in Wired, and now as we enter a post #MeToo moment with women rising in government and business as never before, it is time for Trix. Trix will act as our virtual clubhouse; the hub where strong women share their stories, find inspiration, bond and are better together. Now is their time.”

-Leslie Kaufman, former NYTimes and Newsweek reporter and founder of WordsRus