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Our debut issue, “Generations,” is now available for purchase! The articles in Issue One tell the stories of amazing women who have leaned on their past legacies in order to build a better future. We follow a group of courageous political candidates in Guinea Bissau who fought for their country’s freedom on the front lines forty years ago. We trace the origins of toxic female competitiveness to our days as apes. We look at how burgeoning shifts in urban design aim to incorporate a woman’s perspective. We meet a climate scientist who battled cancer while writing the most important paper of her career, a pair of Syrian sisters coming to terms with their country’s conflict through award-winning art, a master falconer reviving an ancient sport with an all-female staff, and a photographer who questioned their own gender identity after photographing transgender children. Plus: a guide to solo travel, egg-freezing myths debunked, the rise of men’s circles, the science of endurance training, and much more. Order your copy today!

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