Mixed Media

Once considered revolutionary, women’s media is on the decline. How will the industry reinvent...

‘The Storyteller is a Pathway to Healing’: Meet Trix’s 2021 Rising Woman of the Year

Ruth’s Legacy

She helped pave this path for me and countless other women in law.

Solitude on Ice

A chef living in Antarctica reflects on watching glaciers melt, the daily risks of living on the...

100 Years of Fortitude

On the heels of their suffrage centennial, Slovakia’s first female president is inspiring a new...

Uncast Ballots

Across the world, women with the right to vote are still fighting to use it.


The modern woman’s right to vote still bears the weight of racial and socio-economic oppression.

Trix files: ‘All Of These Systems Are Working Together’

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter Memphis discusses the erasure of Black female leadership, the...

A Nation’s Uprising

Black photojournalists share their images from the new frontlines.

Laugh to Keep From Crying

Alexandra Petri’s Trump satire helps us bear the unbearable

Mind Her Business

The pandemic has forced many women-owned small businesses to make quick pivots. The ones that are...

Voices of a Revolution

In a society that’s challenged their rights for decades, young Iraqi women demand a better future.

Trix Files: Border Bulletin

Award-winning journalist Laura Dixon spent four days embedded on the Colombian border for Trix,...

Labor Intensive

The global pandemic puts an added strain on new mothers struggling with birth-related mood...

The Weight of Two Worlds

A social worker confronts Colombia’s border crisis, one child migrant at a time

The Parent Trap

The global pandemic exposes the invisible labor that has always fallen on the backs of women. But...

Gender Investing Gap

The Relative Difference In The Amount Of Money Men And Women Invest.

Mirror, Mirror On The Feed

Jia Tolentino explores the warping of post-internet life.

Let us prey

A 7,000-year-old tradition persists in the california skies.

There she grows

Rebuilding food systems around local climates and indigenous histories.