What is Trix?

Our Origin Story

Christmas Day, 2017. On vacation with my family, I found myself on babysitting duty with a couple idle hours by the hotel pool. I grabbed the only possible reading materials in sight: a well-known fashion magazine for women and a general lifestyle magazine for men. A catchy sounding article caught my eye in the women’s publication: “how to kill it in 2018 with my best year yet.”

To my utter bemusement, I discovered around 250 words praising liquid eyeliner for its superpower ability to disguise your hangover. This was supposed to be a fast-track to up-leveling my life and the woman I aspired to be? It sounded more like a giant mess than a giant leap for womankind.

Where were the stories about real women? Women out there exploring, making sense of their personal and professional lives and striving to carve out a meaningful place in the world? Did a magazine already exist that I hadn’t yet heard of? I posed the question to a private Facebook group of 500 mutual female friends, and nobody could come up with anything beyond a patchwork of general topic and niche feminist publications.

Carly was the first to chime in: “Let’s make one! Side hustle project?” So an idea was born: to create a magazine that would meet women where they’re at, in their element, navigating complex and uncharted lives and to create a repository of untold stories around the world that presents real highlights of women succeeding on their own terms, written and produced by women and male allies. By elevating the voices of female leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes, politicians, artists, and changemakers, Trix advances a world where their stories are the norm, not the exception.

-Jess Weiss, Publisher