A radically different take on women's media.

Trix uses the power of storytelling, positive role models, and education to advance the quality of women’s lives around the world.

Women are vastly underserved by the media today.  

Lack of equal representation and passive, over-sexualized images reinforce negative stereotypes, lower self-esteem particularly among adolescent girls, and imprint the idea of disempowered women in our collective cultural consciousness. 

Trix is built upon research: when women are exposed to strong leaders and role models, they become more ambitious and self-confident. Moreover, giving visibility to women with agency diminishes anxiety about sexual violence and promotes pro-feminist attitudes.

Definition of Trix:

a latin suffix that turns masculine words ending in -tor into feminine words. For example, editor becomes editrix.

About The Magazine

Trix is a new kind of women’s magazine. Featuring the work of journalists and artists all over the world, we produce storytelling for independent and curious women. Our international network of freelance contributors taps into local perspectives on timely issues that advance and protect the quality of women’s lives.

Trix offers an alternative to magazines that overemphasize fashion, beauty, sex, or self-improvement. By illuminating the resilience, strength, and achievements of women, Trix advances a world where their success is the norm, not the exception. We publish stories to spark conversations and action in service of a gender equal and inclusive society. 

Contributing to Trix Magazine

We accept pitches on a rolling basis. Our contributors have been published in major outlets including National Geographic, TIME, New York Times, Washington Post, Al Jazeera, VICE, Vogue, The Guardian, BBC, Quartz, and Condé Nast Traveler. We also encourage and mentor emerging and aspiring writers. If you have a great story to tell, we’d love to hear from you.

Coaching & Consulting

We advance women’s leadership and storytelling skills through one-on-one support from our network of seasoned media professionals and executive coaches. Write to publisher@trix-magazine.com for more information.

Coaching and consulting services include:

  • Leadership development and career transitions. Gain support and thought partnership to navigate change and career mobility, manage up, find resilience through setbacks and challenges, and unearth a greater sense of meaning in your professional life.
  • Guidance on articles or written pieces you’re working on, including a full edit of an existing project to bring it to the next level of polish and coaching on storytelling frameworks. 
  • Visual portfolio reviews and guidance on how to sequence a group of images to create a cohesive series; best practices for crafting photo essay submissions; and how to combat gender bias through visual storytelling.


We host regular community events (both virtual and in-person) that feature thought leaders, foster continuing education, and provide networking opportunities with industry pioneers. Examples of prior events include writing op-eds with the New York Times and VICE, closing the gender investing gap with Ellevest, and promoting ethics in AI with General Assembly. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to learn about upcoming events.



Trix reaches thousands of subscribers in 45 countries. We cultivate a global platform to expand audiences and visibility for women-focused and women-owned brands. Partner with Trix to create custom and co-branded content, for syndicated content exchange, to co-host speaking engagements and events, and advertise through our multi-media channels. Contact us at publisher@trix-magazine.com to learn more.


Jess Weiss

Jess Weiss

is the Publisher and Co-founder of Trix, a full-time strategist for Google’s People Development team, and a leadership coach. She leads the magazine’s strategic partnerships and overall business operations, and leverages her organizational psychology background to steep Trix’s editorial in research-backed tools for women’s media equality. She frequently speaks at women’s leadership conferences and podcasts on the psychological impact of gender bias, stereotype threat, and positive role models in the media.

Carly Schwartz

Carly Schwartz

is Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of Trix. A journalist with more than a decade of experience, Carly currently runs Google’s internal companywide news platform by day. She has a history of founding publications: Before Trix, she opened The Huffington Post’s San Francisco bureau, built Google’s daily newsletter, created an online news outlet from the middle of the Panamanian jungle, and launched a campus magazine while studying journalism at Northwestern University. She facilitates storytelling workshops all over the world, volunteers with mental health organizations, and will make up any excuse to visit Latin America.

Angela Altus

Angela Altus

is the Creative Director and Founding Partner of Trix. She ensures that Trix’s visual identity represents the strong editorial backbone of the magazine by overseeing the collaborative power of Trix’s creative team. She is an avid portrait photographer and was the lead New York photographer for a body positive portrait studio where she worked with clients to help counteract the negative influence media has had on how women view their own physical beauty. Angela serves on the associate board of Locally Haiti, and partners with Haitian nonprofits to profile women’s organizations and community leaders across the country.


Zoë Beery / Story Editor
Andrea Wise / Senior Photo Editor
Nora De Broder / Video Producer
Julia Haney / Business Associate
Saypr / Web Design & Dev.

Advisory Board

Claire Baumann
Nana DeFranco
Erin Dunne
Meg Luce
Madeline Moitozo
Haven Simsar


For general inquiries and customer service / trixmagazine@gmail.com
For partnerships and events / publisher@trix-magazine.com
Send pitches to / submissions@trix-magazine.com
Send photography & illustration portfolios to / art@trix-magazine.com